Hi!  I'm a fun, light-hearted girl from Jeannette, PA that believes in unicorns, cooking Italian food, and yum yum yoga and dance classes. 

Some thing I dig are:
1.  Nice people
2. If you're going to do something, do it right the first time
3.  Work hard, and have a blast at it
4.  Always keep learning
5.  Always stay hungry
6.  Warm coffee in the morning :)

My most important job though is being a mom to a very spirited 2 year old girl names Josie. 

Here's to a great day and nourishing the things you want in your life!

~namaste~   ~smile~   ~wear colors~    ~don't take anything personally~
Being a mom is the most rewarding of all my jobs. And there's never a dull uneventful day.

Being a mom is:
1.  Being selfless
2.  Hearing a little voice say "maaammaaa" at 4:25 am isn't annoying; it's cute
3.  Having lots of Space Bags to save the miniature clothes never worn that you must keep
4.  Using your pajamas as a throw-up catcher
5.  Being the best multi-tasker, to-do list checker; basically: we get shit done 

~ Babies smell like milk and cuddles! ~

                 Me and Josie
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