Tammy Felice is an American-born actress, model, host and television personality from Jeannette, Pennsylvania born on October 3rd.  She is best known for roles in television shows CSI, Outsourced, and Castle and comedic national commercials such as Bud Light, TJ Maxx, Doritos and Butterfinger the 13th.


A “tom-boy” at heart, Tammy grew up wanting to fix carburetors, lawn mowers, and fly airplanes, just like her Dad, whom owns, and still operates with her mother, the local alignment shop, Felice Alignment Services. Living next to the shop for her first 10 years, Tammy has fond memories of answering the phone and playing with the tools of the garage.  “This is where I learned how to use Turtle Wax…and get my butt kicked a bit.”


She also had an ambition to perform. She actively participated in dancing—as she aspired to be a choreographer—as well as guitar, martial arts, cheerleading and singing lessons, and was after high school when her curious nature and love of film carried her into acting while interning at a Pittsburgh Talent Agency. “I would do anything…scrub the bathroom, make coffee, take messages…whatever just to be a part of it.  I wanted to learn; I wanted to get better on camera,” Tammy describes.


Tammy's intelligence and perseverance paid off in school, where she aced all her studies and graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Hempfield High School, and then Pittsburgh’s Point Park University.


Looking for direction and rent money, Tammy started working promotional jobs for a local talent agency, later for over 56 companies. She fervently began studying on-camera performance, reading books written by the great Stanislavsky and Uta Hagen, enrolling in minor studies in the Theatrical Department of Point Park University, and starting working in many regional commercials and in neighborhood playhouses around Pittsburgh.


Like her academic ambition, her debut stage performance was nothing less: a lead role in a small play at a new play festival where in the first act she had a 35 minute monologue that was an emotional roller coaster of adolescent laughter to tormenting tears of recognizing an abusive past.


After her studies, and saving for 3 years, she packed up her 4-door Saturn, with four extra quarts of oil from her dad for her oil leak (which she measured and added along the way) and drove to Los Angeles.


She first landed work as a petite model for print and runway shows, but after her 5th commercial audition, she landed a role in a national commercial for Bud Light, where she was featured as a bride in a wedding ceremony, which then landed another Bud Light commercial called the “Fist Bump”, which placed as the 5th funniest commercial of 2007 on TBS's annual show. Both commercials aired on the 2007 Superbowl. 


“I have the same story most actors starting out do,” Tammy describes of her early years, “I got an apartment and for a year had no furniture except a bed, a TV on some bricks, and a second-hand desk and spent most days trying to find an agent and a job and eating tuna fish and crackers.”


She started attending acting workshops, seminars and scene study classes at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio, Synergy Acting Studio, and currently with Amy Lyndon, and after 3 years of reading, rehearsing, and training “morning, noon, and night”, started auditioning theatrically.  


Tammy has since worked on television shows CSI, Outsourced, Castle, Men of a Certain Age, and recently NBC’s new show Save Me, as well numerous national commercials, infomercials and hosting spots. She was casted as the sassy CNN Reporter Anne Yanni in the 2012 Paramount feature film Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall, however the scenes were cut from the theatrical release due to time restraints.


Tammy currently lives in Los Angeles spending most of her days auditioning, going to on-camera and scene study classes, as well as working in the beauty industry as an educator and rep for national hair care companies. She takes dance class 2 times a week, jogs 1.5 miles a day, and has a cat named Bittys.     




Happy New Year 2014!  So excited for the year and many cool plans in the mill--check back for more details!  And here's to a wonderful year!





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