The Next Big Thing Cast: Tammy Felice (Natalie Rockwell)


- Epic Universe 4-book series author Lee Stephens would cast Tammy Felice as Natalie Rockwell.  


Check out Lee Stephen’s new article in The Next Big Thing Cast on—Tammy Felice cast as Natalie Rockwell.  


The Epic Series is a collection of four, high-octane science fiction books created by author and producer Lee Stephen that you can check out here.


Lee writes:


“Those familiar with Epic know it has no shortage of strong female characters…the women of Epic are never afraid to get down and dirty with the boys when push comes to shove. But Natalie’s a different flavor. Talented, tactical, and driven to lead, she becomes an instant force to be reckoned with on and off the battlefield. She’s not there to offer motivational support. She’s there to grab a gun and tell you what to do with yours.


“Let’s talk Felice. That would be Tammy Felice, the actress who was gracious enough to be down with this little shindig called The Next Big Thing. There is zero chance you have not seen Tammy on television, as she’s been in some pretty memorable commercials aired in the past few years (including the best concept for a wedding ever, at least from a man’s perspective). Check out her latest demo reel.”


Thank you so kindly Lee Stephen for thinking of me as Natalie—she is exactly the type of character I’d love to play right now, and I admire her bravery and guts standing up for what she believes in and fighting for a cause! I could learn a thing or two from her I’m sure, and would be a honor to embody her.  Thank you!


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Happy New Year 2014!  So excited for the year and many cool plans in the mill--check back for more details!  And here's to a wonderful year!





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